L'Isola dei Famosi Tour Price

Cayos CochinosL' Isola dei Famosi (The Celebrity Island or Celebrity Survivor) is an Italian reality show on RAI Due, which was filmed in Cayos Cochinos, Honduras, and has aired since 2003. The format is the Italian edition of the program Celebrity Survivor!, created by Charlie Parsons. On The Island of the Famous a group of celebrity competitors (beginning with the fifth edition a non-celebrity competitor was also added) must survive on a desert island with no facilities (they must build a shelter, fire, procure food, etc.) Candidates have a basic survival kit which, through group efforts, can be enhanced with new objects created. Once a week there is a challenge winner, determined through contests of skill, balance, strength, etc. The competitor who wins the week’s challenge becomes immune from elimination in the next episode. Each week, live, the “nomination” unfolds, a process through which the competitors are gradually eliminated. In the finale the last remaining contenders compete for the first place prize money.

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